How We Travel

A trip to one destination could be “once in a life-time” trip to most of the visitors, whom might not come back again for the same destinations; so that some well-known sites could be your main choices on such a tour; For some other travelers, whom travel to China frequently, may have different thoughts on finding your desired next visiting sites. It is our hope that you enjoy all aspects of your journey, whether from the moment of Customizing A Private Tour, or to choose a pre-schedule itinerary for an easy access. Brocade Travel try to build the itineraries adapting your travel needs.

Travel in a small tour

Our tours are normally with size in between 6 to 12; In order to keep the price low, some of the tours, of which are just for the famous sites, could be a little larger, but no more than 16 people, this ensures that our guide will be able to take care of all memebers.

Flexible services

Brocade Travel always try to find possiblity to make the journey flexible; although it is not easy at high travel-season, because the limit supply may cause some problems on pre-bookings;

Tour costs

All listed tour prices have no “hidden-cost”, and there is clear list about what the costs include, what exclude; it is possible that some small detail might be missed, please feel free to contact us if you have any concern about unclear or doubt on detail services;


There is no compulsory shopping, however, we realize “shopping” is one of the “6 elements” of travel, which are: Eat, Sleep, Visit, Shopping, Transporting, Entertainning. It should be good to bring some good souvenirs for your family, friends, colleagues after one trip. We have a list of recommended purchasing of local flavor produces for your selection, and of course you may find some interesting stuff during your journey beyond the list. Note: your consumer rights are protected by Chinese Consumer Law when you shop in China. Again, thre is NO compulsory shopping;

Hotels & Experience with local

When travel in big cities of china, we choose nice and botique hotels for overnight; on our tibet tours, few nights may be arranged to stay at local elegant tibetan hotel, which will provide you chances to “get in the middle” of locla nomads, and to experience the exotic ethnic; some nights of our tours to Guizhou for minority groups may spend in the guesthouse of the villages that you will be able to make interractions with villager yu might encounter on a walk after dinner

Tour Guides

Our tour guides are mostly from local places, they have passion for the destinations, where they may even be born in, to share their knowledge and introducing the places deeply to you, even with some parts that you won’t be bale to find on internet or via other channels;

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