China has 2 more UNESCO world heritage sites. One is in Hu-bei Province, the other one is in Guang-xi province.

The one in Hu-bei is called “Shen Nong Jia” which is located in eastern Hu-bei province, north of the city of Yichang of which is the “Start” and “Terminal” of the well-known Yangtze Cruise.

The first two words of “Shen Nong” literally means the ‘divine farmer’, is a legendary figure who, in prehistoric times, invented the hue and the plow and taught human being how to clear up forest and cultivated land. “Jia” refers to the terrain shape, a saddle shaped; “Shen Nong Jia” is thought to be one of China’s biodiversity hub, home to rare animals such as the golden or snub-nosed monkey.

The other one is Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art which is located in Chongzuo county in the southwest of Guang-xi province; it is close to Vietnam. The stone carve scattered in the county, in total there are about 38 sites are being found this stone carving that is thought to be “one of the most impressive pre-historic painted rock panels in the world” , according to Bradshaw Foundation

Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art is an illustration of the animistic religious beliefs of the Luo Yue people whose culture disappeared after extensive contact with the Han culture during the 1st century BC.

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