Hani Long Street Ancient Feast

Hani Long Street Ancient Feast is one of the traditional festival of The Hani People, which is one of the ethnic groups of Chinese, mainly live in the southern region of Yunnan Province, among of which “Hong He County” is the major Residential Area of Hani People;

Hani people’s houses are about two or three stories, built with bamboo, mud, stone and wood. The first floor is usually for living stocks, and the second floor for living; The traditional clothing of the Hani is made with dark blue fabric. The female’s dress depending on which clan they belong to; the male’s dress usually is in short jackets and in long wide pants. They also wear white or black turbans. There is no gender difference in the clothing of children under the age of 7.

Hani people is known for their vocal polyphonic singing. Eight-part polyphony was recorded in the 1990s. They play traditional musical instruments, end-blown flute-labi, and three-stringed plucked lute-lahe.

The temperature is about 15 – 20 degrees in Winter of November and December, which is also the traditional time for Hani people to celebrating their labour in summer time; the Hani Long Street Ancient Feast is one of the traditional custom that the people from local village are gather together, the banquet is held in the streets, participants are usually over hundreds;

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