Hailuogou Glacier | 海螺沟

Hailuogou Glacier | 海螺沟 is a glacial valley with national-level nature reserve. It is the only glacier and forest park across China. It is located at the eastern slope of the Mt Gongga, the core area. It is about 320 km away from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province which has direct flights to Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Paris, Bangkok, Singapore, Japan, Korea…etc. The direct flight that connect to the world have made the trip to this low altitude glacier very easy

Hailuogou Glacier is located in Moxi town which is a small tibetan town administrated by Luding County in the Kanze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan.

The glacier, which consists of solid water, stretches 13 kilometers long. The total length of the glacier park is 30.7 km, and the scenic area covers 197 square kilometers. The glacier ends at Moxi Township where a large-sized integrated scenic area forms. The area is composed of a low-elevation, oceanic and contemporary glacier, hot springs, snow capped mountains, virgin forests and old drift-dammed lakes. The Valley has high values of sightseeing and scientific research because it is easy to enter and stay as well as its perfect landscape of ecological system with features of virginity and diversity.

Address & Contact

Add : Moxi Town, Luding County

Contact : +86 836 326-8893


1,680 – 3,200 meters above sea level

Opening Hour

Summer & Autumn : 07:30 am – 12:30 pm Winter & Spring : 08:30 am – 12:30 pm

Entrance fee

  • Entrance fee: RMB 90.00 per person
  • Tourist Eco-bus: RMB 70.00 per person
  • Cable car: RMB 150.00 per person

Inside Hailuogou valley transportation – Local Eco-bus

Tourist Eco-bus at Tourist Center

  • 1st departure: 07:00am | last departure: 14:00pm
  • ticketing hour: 08:00am – 13:50pm

Tourist Eco-bus – last departure at each spot

  • last departure at Gan-He Ba: 17:30 pm
  • last departure at Camp 3: 17:40 pm
  • last departure at Hailuo temple: 17:50 pm
  • last departure at Cao Hai Zi: 18:00 pm
  • last departure at Camp 2: 18:10 pm

How to get there

Hailuogou Glacier | 海螺沟 is located in Luding County, on the east slope of Gongga Mountain at the eastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

By flight

There is no airport at Hailuogou Glacier , the nearest one is Kangding Airport which is about 180 kilometers and a 4.5 hours drive is needed. Since there is no direct bus to Hailuogou from Kangding airport, so it is not recommended to fly to Kangding and then transfer to here.

However, the most convenient airport for connecting Hailuogou glacier should be Chengdu Shuangliu Airport which is 360km east from here and a drive of 5.5 hours is necessary; Chengdu Shuangliu airport has many flights to connect with other destinations of China, once you arrive in this airport you could use Airport Bus Line 2 to get to Xin Nan Men Buss station to transfer the direct “Chengdu – Hailuogou ” bus , which departs one bus each day at 09:30 am; or to use Metro to connect Airport and Xinnanmen Bus station , then to Hailuogou

By long distance bus

  • Chengdu to Moxi : at 09:30 am, there will be one bus departure for Hailuogou (one bus in low travel season; two buses at high travel season), full ride takes 7 hours, with rate RMB 135.00 per person
  • Chengdu to Luding, then to Moxi : The bus departs for Luding separately at 08:30am , 10:00am , 12:00pm , 13:10pm, 14:00 pm, with rate of RMB 120.00 per person; There are another two buses leave for Luding from ShiyangChang Bus station at 11:00 am , 12:40 pm, with rate RMB 118.00 per person; once arrive in Luding, swtich to local minibus to Moxi with rate of RMB 20.00 per person
  • Moxi to Chengdu : one bus only that leaves at 06:30 am, it would be better to book the seat 1-2 days earlier, ticketing office is at the middle section of Moxi Road, Contact: +86 836 326-6503

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