Guishan Temple | 龟山寺

Guishan Temple is the large monument standing over the top of a hill facing a large public square at the northern edge of old Shangri La town. The stairs to reach this temple is steep from the bottom to the top. The greatest part of this temple is the Great Praying Wheel which is over 21 meters tall and 60 tons of weight.

Guishan Temple was built in the years of Kang Xi Emperor of Qing Dynasty; it was built by the mountains, a three floors building is on the top of the hill which overlook the old Town of Shangri La. An ancient Well is at the foot of the hill that Guishan Temple sits, which was able to feed the entire ancient town in the past. The most characteristic building of this temple is its Giant Praying Wheel that was erected on the top of the mountain neat the main hall was in 2002 yrs; Ever since 2005, bulbs are put on the body of this giant prayer wheel as well as the main building; when the lights are up, this great praying wheel and the main building of Guishan temple is visible from distance of over kilometers




+86 887 822-5390

Entrance fee

Ticket: Free entry

Opening Hours

Full day

In the night, on the small square in front of its north gate, local come often after 19:00 pm to entertain themselves by dancing and singing

How to get there

Guishan Temple is located in the center of Dukezong ancient town; It can be reach within 5 or 10 minutes from each side of this ancient town.

Tours Include Guishan Temple

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