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Brocade Travel Co., Ltd, an Inbound Tour operator, specialize in organizing China Tours.
We do tours of Bird-watching, Wildlife-Observing, Hiking in the Tibetan Plateau, exploring Minority Tribes villages, photography-tour.

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Yunnan Taiji fishing village

Yunnan Taiji fishing village

Yunnan Taiji fishing village is some 165 kilometers west from Dali; “Taiji | 太極" is the Yin Yang symbol of Taoism; Because the river and mountain here naturally forms a Taoism symbol of Yin & Yang, therefore this village is name...

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Ya-Kang high way

Ya-Kang high way

Following the completion of Luding-Da-Du-River Bridge, the Ya-Kang high way is officially being completed after 4 years hard work, it starts a new beginning of Garze Tibetan Prefecture. Previously, it took nearly 8 hours or more for the drive from Chengdu to Kangding,...

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Zhangye Dafo Temple

Zhangye Dafo Temple

The Dafo Temple or Great Buddha Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple in Zhangye. It becomes well-known for its gigantic reclining Buddha statue. It has had several names over the centuries, including the "Kasyapa Buddha Temple" , the "Bojue Temple" , the "Hongren...

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