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Visit Forbidden City

Visit Forbidden City is one program that almost all visitors will do when they tour Beijing, Forbidden City is known in Chinese as Gu Gong, which means the “Former Palace”. The museum, which is built based on those buildings, is known as the “Palace Museum”. It was...

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New flight links Chongqing Cebu

New flight links Chongqing, Cebu Source: Xinhua The Chongqing Cebu flight is one direct air route between Chongqing in southwest China, and Cebu, the Philippines, has been launched. Sichuan Airlines will ply the route with an Airbus A321. The four-hour flight will...

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China has 2 more UNESCO world heritage sites

China has 2 more UNESCO world heritage sites. One is in Hu-bei Province, the other one is in Guang-xi province. The one in Hu-bei is called "Shen Nong Jia" which is located in eastern Hu-bei province, north of the city of Yichang of which is the "Start" and "Terminal"...

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