China Tour

The tours of this category cross through some different Provinces. Those of which take you to the Roof of the world of Tibet, and the great China culture discovery of Dunhuang Mogao Grotto, it includes the most well-known areas , such as Beijing, Guilin, Shanghai, and the Yangtze Cruises

Tibet Tours

As to be so called Roof of the world, Tibet has been attractions for centuries. This group of tours brings you the most well-known areas of Tibet, and if you may explore some off the beaten track please contact us for building one customized trip

Sichuan Tours

Sichuan provine is located in the southwest of China, it has rich nature views from the eastern Tibet of Kham to the east of the provinces, it is also the hometown to the lovely creature of Giant Panda. This group of tours brings the great Tibetan Nature view, and rich Chinese culture in the southwest of China

Yunnan Tours

Yunnan is a big province with many minority tribes in China, it neighboring Sichuan Province, with easy access, the weather is pretty mild ,which make this province suitable for travel all year around

Beijing Tour

Beijing, the capital of China, and also has rich history, this group of tours provide you to dig into the “Old” Beijing, and with family Soft Adventure of hiking on the Great Wall

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Ya-Kang high way

Following the completion of Luding-Da-Du-River Bridge, the Ya-Kang high way is officially being completed after 4 years hard work, it starts a new beginning of Garze Tibetan Prefecture. Previously, it took nearly 8 hours or more for the drive from Chengdu to Kangding,...

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Zhangye Dafo Temple

The Dafo Temple or Great Buddha Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple in Zhangye. It becomes well-known for its gigantic reclining Buddha statue. It has had several names over the centuries, including the "Kasyapa Buddha Temple" , the "Bojue Temple" , the "Hongren...

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2018 Sichuan Garzi Mountain Tourism Festival

2018 Sichuan Garzi Mountain Tourism Festival will be held from June 14th to December 25th in Garze Tibetan Prefecture of Sichuan province; the programs include the opening ceremony that is held in Kangding on June 14th; June 13th - 14th the visit of China Tour...

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