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China Visa for Pearl River Delta Area

Visitors to Hong Kong or Macao are allowed to visit the neighboring Pearl River Delta with China Visa-free when they go with a registered tour group that meets certain conditions. The group size is with minimum of 3 people

This type of China Visa policy is OK for most different passport holders staying in the Pearl River Delta area for 144 hours or 6 days long, even 21 days long for several listed countries.

How to travel within Pearl River Delta Area Without China Visa

Detail Conditions
  • The visitor is a citizen of country which has diplomatic relations with China.

  • The visitor is visiting Pearl River Delta area as one of participants of a tour group organized by a Hong Kong or Macao based travel agency.

  • People from Germany, Republic of Korea and Russia is allowed to stay for 21 days

  • People from countries other than Germany, Republic of Korea and Russia is permitted to stay the most 6 days

  • Visitor with dual nationality is not applicable for this policy

  • Visitor must enter and leave Guang-dong province all together via one of the valid ports in Guangdong Province.

  • Visitor is required to provide a scan-copy of their passport.

  • The permitted cities that visitor can stay are Guang-zhou, Shen-zhen, Zhu-hai, Fo-shan, Dong-guan, Zhong-shan, Jiang-men, Zhao-qing, Hui-zhou and Shan-tou.

Be advised: Visitor has to enter and leave from Shan-tou port when visiting Shan-tou

Recommended Entry/Exit Port when visiting Pearl River Delta Area

Recommended Entry/Exit Ports

Visit Shenzhen from Hong Kong using Lo Wu Control Point or from Macau using She-kou Port

Visit Guangzhou from Hong Kong using Guang-zhou East Station and Guang-zhou Lotus Hill Port

Visit Guangzhou from Macau using Gong-bei Port

Visit Zhuhai from Macau using Gong-bei Port or Heng-qin Port.

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