Tibet Travel Permit

What is Tibet Travel Permit? Tibet Travel Permit is a travel document other than China Visa that is required when travel through Tibet.

Who need a Tibet Travel Permit? Visitors from Foreign country, Chinese but with third nationality, Taiwanese

Hongkongnese & Macaunese do not need Tibet Travel Permit for making a Tibet trip

What Documents are required for making a Tibet Tour

In general, Tibet Travel Permit and China Visa are the two documents that must have for making a Tibet trip.

However, there are other few more “permits” that are required when visiting other regions of Tibet. You need to have those for continuing your trip of Tibet. The following below is detail;

  • Tibet Culture permit, issued by Tibet Culture Bureau, it is required when visiting certain sites with high level preservation
  • Alient’s Travel permit, issued by Tibet Public Security Bureau, it is required for visiting certain areas
  • Border control Permit, which is also called Army permit, it is required for visiting the permitted areas that near the border

Among those, the Tibet Travel Permit (without ā€œsā€) is the one that is permitted by the Tibet Tourism Board (TTB). This document along with other permits including, Alien Pass among others, can only be applied by Tibet based Tour operators, which will submit all required documents to related government agencies for the entire process. Any application from individual foreign visitors or foreign tour operators will not be accepted by the local government.

Sample Documents

Tibet travel permit-Sample

tibet travel permit

China Visa-Sample

china visa sample

What documents are needed for applying Tibet Travel Permit

The needed documents depends on the destination that is used to enter Tibet.

Enter Tibet from Nepal

Either by land or by Air

  • A clear scan copy of your passport

Visitors do not need to apply China visa, because both the China visa and Tibet travel permit will be applied by Tibetan Trekking in Tibet, and this two documents will be obtained by one of the Kathmandu Travel agent with your original passport.

Enter Tibet from Mainland of China

  • Your passport copy
  • China visa

You need to apply your China travel visa at your local China embassy before your departure.

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