2018 Sichuan Garzi Mountain Tourism Festival will be held from June 14th to December 25th in Garze Tibetan Prefecture of Sichuan province; the programs include the opening ceremony that is held in Kangding on June 14th;

June 13th – 14th the visit of China Tour Operators visiting the Kangding-Luding-Hailuo Glacier

August 17th The Kangding International Love Song Festival in Kangding

September 10th – 11th: the 2nd Daocheng Shangri La International Mountain Tourism Summit Forum

August to October: The Garzi Local Flvour Food and Tourism Shopping Season

December 25th : The 1st 318 Industry Alliance Summit

Other than that, The “2018 Sichuan-Tibet overland Riding Challenge” will be held in Ganzi Prefecture from June 16th to 21st. The “Yala Snow Mountain Cross-country Race” will be held on July 15th in Bamei Town, Daofu County. “2018 Holy Holiness International Cross-country Race”, “2018 China Ganzi Festival Ring Gonggashan International Outdoor Mountain Sports Challenge”, “Danxia Geomorphology Academic Forum”, and the “3rd Batang Tsopu valley International Mountain Bike Elite Challenge” will be held in Garzi Prefecture from August to September.


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