Beijing Confucius Temple | 北京孔庙

Beijing Confucius Temple is also The Temple of Confucius at Beijing. It is the 2nd largest Confucian Temple in China. The largest one is in the hometown of Confucius of Qufu city in Shan-Dong Province


Beijing Confucius Temple was built in 1302, it now covers an area of 20,000 square meters which was exlarged twice separately in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. It was used to in memorize of Confucius until 1911.

The temple has four courtyards aligned along a central axis.
From South to North, Buildings are:

  • Xianshi Gate | 先师门
  • Gate of Great Accomplishment | 大成门
  • Hall of Great Accomplishment | 大成殿
  • Chong-Sheng-Ci | 崇圣祠

There are 198 stone tablets positioned on each side of the front courtyard, of which contains more than 51,624 names of Jin-Shi | 进士 (means the advanced scholars) of the dynasties of Yuan, Ming and Qing. Among of which, 14 stone stele about Ming and Qing dynasties that are carved various historical documents recording ancient China

One of the well-known objects of Beijing Confucius Temple is a Cypress tree with age of over 700 years; According to the legend that this Cypress tree has a magic power that to distinguish good people and bad people by touching them; the story told that in Ming dynasty, the current minister of Yan Song | 严嵩 was to host the royal ceremony for Jia-Jing | 嘉靖 emperor; This Cypress tree used its branches to grab the hat of Yan Song | 严嵩 to prove he was a bad people


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Address & Contact

Add: No. 15 Guozijian St, Dongcheng District, Beijing Phone: +86 10 8402 7224

How to get there

–By bus: 113, 108, 104, 803, 124, 758, 950; At Bus stop “Fang Jia Hu Tong Stop | 方家胡同站

–By Bus: 118, 684, 13, 117, “Yong He Gong Stop |雍和宫站

–By metro: Line 1 or Line 5, at stop “Yong He Gong Stop |雍和宫站

Entrance fee

Ticket: RMB 30.00 per person

Half ticket: RMB 15.00 per person

Opening Hours

High Travel Season: 08:30 am – 18: 00 pm

Low Travel Season: 08:30 am – 17: 00 pm

Tips on visiting

High Travel Season: from May 1st to October 31st | Ticket office closed at 17:00 pm

Low Travel Season: from November 1st to April 30th | Ticket office closed at 16:30 pm

Beijing Confucius Temple is closed on each Monday