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Soft Adventure

Hiking in the Tiger leaping gorge, interact with local Naxi people, enjoy the mountain and water views

Photography & Culture

Through the east of China to visit some of China’s most well-known destinations including Shanghai, Yellow Mountain, Hangzhou and Suzhou

Great Overland

From High Tibetan Plateau to low Ugur Basin, this is a great overland journey that you will enjoy the different cultures of minority tribes in the northwest of China

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Tibetan Tribe

Visit the eastern Tibet of Kham, the current West of Sichuan Province to learn the life of local Tibetan tribe 

Naxi and Bai people in Lijiang

Explore the ancient Lijiang town, in which the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain stands the north of Lijiang county;

The Royal Capital

Beijing, the capital of China, as well as the capital of ancient kingdom of China

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