Sichuan Tours

Sichuan province is located in the southwest of China, it has rich nature views from the west of the eastern Tibet of Kham to the east of the traditional Chinese Taichi of Langzhong county. It is also the hometown to the lovely creature of Giant Panda. This group of tours brings the great Tibetan Nature view, and rich Chinese culture in the southwest of China

Tibetan Tribes

Tibetan Tribe tour begins from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province , which has direct-flights to Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. These flights have made a visit to the Tibetan plateau a lot easier than ever before.

Chengdu Tour 4 days

Chengdu Tour 4 days is to visit Chengdu, which is a city with history over 2200 years; it is well-known across China for its scenery, typical sichuan cuisine and life-style. On this trip we will explore the city of Chengdu, and participating the Panda Preserve program

Dujiangyan Panda Tour

Dujiangyan Panda Tour , This unique One-day tour will provide you a chance to spend your time closely with the lovely creature – The Giant Panda, and even holding one of those with your arms. This is also a daily quota of 20 volunteers for this “Panda Keeper Program”. In order to secure the seat, please confirm at least two weeks in advance

Jiuzhai valley GEO Park

Jiuzhai valley National Park is World Nature Heritage Site. This trip begins from Chengdu, taking flight to Jiuzhai valley, and then drive through the mountain valley into Chengdu Basin, en route we will visit to Tibetan villages and the Du Jiang Yan Irrigation system

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