Baishuitai | 白水台

Baishuitai is a village between Lijiang and Shangri-La County, located on the bottom area of Ha-Ba Snow Mountain, it becomes well-known for its Natural Mineral Terraces. It is even thought to be the “Source” of the Dongba culture of Naxi minority people. It is about 110 kilometers south of Shangri La city.

Baishui Terraces is one of the biggest limestone terraces among China, measuring 140 meters from its bottom to the top, and 160 meters wide; with size of 3 square kilometers or so. There is one other well-known limestone terraces Nationak park is Huang Long in the east edge of Kham in Sichuan province, another World Nature heritage site.

Baishui Terraces is composed by the sediments of high Calcium Carbonate in the spring waters which flows downwards from Ha Ba Snow Mountain to semicircular-shaped limestone steps. After hudreds of thousands of years, it eventually forms up the natural terraces look as the white marbles.

There is a legend to say that the founder of Dongba religion on his way back from Tibet settled here to spread his beliefs, and teaching the local Naxi minority people how to adapt the region’s hillsides for agriculture. As such they are an important local pilgrimage site, and there are several shrines in and around the terraces. The date 8th February of Chinese Lunar calendar is believed the day that the Dongba culture founder held his founding ceremony. Hence, every year on the same day local villagers gather together to celebrate in order to memorize the founder, gradually, the festival has been formed up and named after the date for this festival as “Er-Yue-Ba”;

Contact & Address

Add : Baidi Village, San Ba county

Contact : +86 887 886-6139


2,380 meters above sea level

Opening hour

08:00am – 16:00pm

Entrance fee

RMB 30.00 per person

How to get here

  • By bus from Shangri La City Two daily buses with departures: 09:30am, and 14:00pm, rate: RMB 26.00 one way, get off at “Bai-Di-Village-Stop”
  • By rent vehicle from Shangri La City it usually cost RMB 400.00 – 500.00 round trip
  • By bus from Tiger Leaping Gorge Town one daily bus with departure of 12:00 at noon, with rate: RMB 55.00 one way

Baishuitai Festival

Name: “Er-Yue-Ba | 二月八”
Date: February 8th of Chinese Lunar calendar
“Er-Yue” means the 2nd month of Chinese Lunar calendar; “Ba” means the 8th day of the month; the name of this festival is actually from the festival date, which is indeed different in every year; the below listed is “Er-Yue-Ba” in different years

  • Yr 2018 on March 24th
  • Yr 2019 on March 14th
  • Yr 2020 on March 01st
  • Yr 2021 on March 20th
  • Yr 2022 on March 10th

Fesitval Programs: Naxi people and local Tibetan whom live in the region of Ha-Ba Snow mountain, some of those are from further places; They gather together in Baishuitai to sing, dance in their customs. Roosters are slaughtered in sacrifice to the gods according to the custom, which was thought to be to create Baishui Terrace land in order to teach the people how to transform the area’s mountainous terrain into arable land.

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