Sichuan Attraction

A list of the most well-known travel sites of Sichuan Province

Gongga Monastery

Gongga monastery is with altitude of 3030 meter, is located at the west side of Minya Konka. Overlooking the valley that three Tibetan villages are in

Mt Gongga

Mt Gongga is also called Mt. Minya Gangkar OR Mt. Minya Konka. Here, “Minya” means the area that local Kangpa people lives;

Hailuogou Glacier

Hailuogou Glacier is the only glacier and forest park across China. It is located at the eastern slope of the Mt Gongga

Danba Watchtower

Danba watchtower were built with mud and stone. Most are connected with civilian houses, but some were erected independently.

Huang Long

Huang Long is a scenic and historic interest area in the east edge of Tibetan plateau, This Geological park has marvelous travertine rim-stone pools, flow-stones, and springs.

Mount Siguniang

Mount Siguniang is also Mt. Four sisters, which according to the legend that these four peaks were originally four beautiful sisters of the mountain god.

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