Yunnan Attraction

A list of the most well-known travel sites of Yunnan Province


Baishuitai becomes well-known for its Natural Mineral Terraces. It is even thought to be the “Source” of the Dongba culture of Naxi minority people.

Dongzhulin Monastery

Dongzhulin Monastery sits overlooking the beautiful Jinsha River Gorge (Yangtze). It has several “living” Buddhas.


Dukezong ancient town is with history of 1300 years; It is now the best preserved, and the largest Tibetan residential area in Shangri La City

Guishan Temple

Guishan Temple is the large monument standing over the top of a hill facing a large public square at the northern edge of old Shangri La town.

Potatso National Park

Potatso National is located in the southern part of the “Three Parallel Rivers” world natural heritage area.

Sumtseling Monastery

Sumtseling Monastery is a Gelug pa tradition monastery seated approximately 5 kilometers outside the city of Shangri La City

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