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Dukezong | 独克宗

Dukezong ancient town is with history of 1300 years; it was the important traffic hub of the ancient Tea-Horse Trading Route; It is now the best preserved, and the largest Tibetan residential area.


3,300 meters above sea level


Well preserved Tibetan Residential Area

Dukezong was to be built in accordance with the ideal country of “Shambhala” that is described in Buddhist scriptures. The whole town follow the shape of the hill that this town is located. Its name literally means “castle built on stone” or “Moon city”

Back in Tang Dynasty, approximately 2200 years ago; The whole northwest Yunnan province (Currently Shangri La county and west part of Lijiang) was part of East Tibet, geography it is thought to be southeast edge of the east Tibet of Kham, which was one of the three provinces of ancient Tibet; Tang dynasty 676 – 679 AD, The Tibet Tubo kingdom set Shen Chuan Captaincy House to manage the hard – reach place; and given name of “Dukezong” which was well known in history as “The east city of Iron Bridge”

In the Ming Dynasty, this town was occupied by the Chief of Lijiang county whom was called “Mu”. He rebuilt and enlarge the whole town along the “Da Gui Shan | 大龟山 (“means: the big turtle hill”) and then built another stronghold at Nai-zi River, in name Nywang, means the Moon City; the two villages are look each other and forming up the whole Dukezong area.

Gradually, It formed up and became the important traffic hub for connecting Yunnan province, Tibet and Sichuan Province; on the 27th Year (1688) of Kang Xi empire of Qing Dynasty; the 5th Dalai lama requested to establish market along Jinsha River region, which was approved by Qing Dynasty government. From that time on, Dukezong became official market for agriculture and mine products;

In 2014, Dukezong caught a fire tragically, after nearly 2 years rebuilding, it has been reopen for visitors since 2016

Address & Contact

Address: Shangri-La, Deqen, Yunnan Province
Phone: +86 887 822 3310

Entrance Fee

Free of charge

Opening hour

Full day

Tips on Traffic

Dukezong is at the Southeast side of Shangri La city , it is within walking distance from Shangri La city to this Town, or by local Taxi that costs within RMB 10.00

Facts about Airport & Bus Station

Di Qing Airport

Address: No. 1, Shen-Ying Road, Shangri La city
Altitude: 3,280 meters above sea level
Phone: +86 887 822 9916

Shangri La Bus Station

Address: Xiangbala Avenue | 香巴拉大道
Phone: +86 887 822-3501
Altitude: 3,080 meters above sea level
Working hours: 06:00 am – 19:00 pm

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